What is SoleMates?

Girls on the Run SoleMates is the adult charity runner program of Girls on the Run, and locally benefits Girls on the Run of Magee-Womens Hospital. SoleMates are athletes who choose to train for a particular event while fundraising for Girls on the Run. Here in western Pennsylvania, over 1,400 girls a year participate in Girls on the Run. Nearly 50% of girls request partial financial assistance to register and 10% come from homes with annual incomes of $10,000 or less and receive full financial assistance. We are dedicated to educating and preparing all girls for a lifetime of self respect and healthy living, and to this day have not turned any girl away due to financial circumstances.

Whether you’re training for your first 5K, or your tenth marathon, by becoming a SoleMate, you are doing much more than achieving your personal fitness goal. You are helping to provide many girls in our communities with the values and life lessons of the Girls on the Run program. Your support and contributions from friends and family will introduce many young girls to the benefits of running, learn to celebrate their physical and emotional health, and recognize their uniqueness and inner strength.  Through your training and experience, we hope you find the same sense of accomplishment, pride, and joy as these young girls do when they cross the finish line of their first 5K! Use the power of your running to help make a difference in the lives of girls!


Register to become a SoleMate as you train for your event and inspire others by committing to raise a minimum of $300 for GOTR during your training. Inspire and be inspired with a constant connection to the girls in the program and the difference you are making. SoleMates exceeding this amount have the opportunity for additional incentive prizes. There is a $10 non-refundable SoleMates registration fee which counts towards your $300 minimum. SoleMates have until 30 days after their event to reach the $300 commitment at which point any difference will need to be covered by the SoleMate.

Upon registering you will receive:

  • SoleMates welcome packet and training plans for various distances and levels
  • Access to the SoleMates Resource page for local discounts, fundraising tips and support
  • A personal online fundraising page through RacePlanner

Upon meeting your $300 minimum you will receive:

  • SoleMates tech shirt
  • Invitation to the Annual GOTR Appreciation Event (June)
  • Entered into SoleMate contests for prizes from local sponsors
  • Free entry into the Girls on the Run 5K

GOTR-Magee awards various incentive prizes for exceeding the $300 minimum and reaching $500, $1,000 and $1,500.

SoleMates – Pittsburgh Marathon Events

Any runners/walkers already registered for any of the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of event (Kids Marathon, 5K, Relay, Half Marathon or Marathon) can join us as a SoleMate with a commitment to raising $300.   SoleMates for these events are also eligible for additional contests and prizes, and receive the benefits in addition to the usual SoleMate perks.

Contact us  with any questions about becoming a SoleMate for the Pittsburgh Marathon events, or for any questions about Girls on the Run SoleMates.

SoleMate Teams

If you are interested in registering a team of SoleMates, please contact us for details.

“Becoming a SoleMate for Girls On The Run would give me the opportunity to train and run with a purpose. Running has always been an outlet for me, a way to work through emotions and conflict while exercising. I would love to share my passion for running with the next generation of runners by supporting Girls On The Run while I train and complete my second marathon. Introducing running and the importance of healthy living while helping young girls navigate through difficult social issues is a cause I connect with on a very personal level. I did not start running myself until the end of high school. If Girls On The Run had been available to me during my earlier years I would have loved to be a part of it. By becoming a SoleMate I hope to help provide girls with an opportunity I did not have myself.”
~ GOTR SoleMate Elizabeth