Girl Spotlight

Thanks to Kristen and her mom for sharing this story with us and for sharing the GOTR spirit.

Had to share some news.  Kristen did her 1 mile in 8.53.  This was impressive but had to share the other part of her story.  This race was tricky.  Down a very steep hill on cobble brick then 8 various turns and then back up the other side of the cobble hill.  There were several kids (about 35) in the 1 mile.  During the race, a little girl started to have breathing problems, Kristen asked if she was ok and she said she was having an asthma attack and didn’t have an inhaler with her.  At that time, Kristen slowed her pace and stuck with her.  I couldn’t figure out why Kristen kept looking behind her when she was coming up this hill.  I thought she was worried about beating her but actually, she was worried that the girl wouldn’t make it.  The girl was so grateful to Kristen.  She told me that she told Kristen to go ahead but she wouldn’t leave her behind.  At the top of the hill, Kristen waited for the girl to catch up and they crossed the line together. 

Needless to say, I was very proud because she didn’t worry about her time or the prizes but someone else.  Kristen said the time doesn’t matter, just finishing and being a good “buddy”.  Kristen rec’d 3rd place for 9-11 age group and the other girl rec’d second place for 12-14 age group. 

This comes from being in the GOTR program!